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About The Condos Law Office

The Condos Law Office in Chandler was created to serve every legal need faced by charter schools in Arizona, the Western United States and across the country.

After 40 years of successful practice as a lawyer — 30 of those focused on education law, 20 of them in our state — the firm's founder, Leo G. Condos, is now recognized nationwide as a specialist in the fields of charter school and nonprofit law, alternative choice, and as mediator and arbitrator of positive outcomes for his clients.

Additionally, Mr. Condos is the first attorney to handle and favorably resolve letter of intent to revoke against a charter school, and the only attorney in Arizona who has successfully obtained a favorable administrative judge ruling reversing a charter school board decision to revoke a charter.

When any legal aspect of finding the land, financing the construction and overseeing the day-to-day operation of a charter school statewide must be addressed, the law firm to come to is The Condos Law Office.

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