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Experienced, problem-solving Arizona attorney and charter schools legal specialist Leo G. Condos, founder of The Condos Law Office in Chandler, can skillfully assist with everything from laying the groundwork for preparation and construction of physical facilities for charter schools, to any legal issue that arises during a given day.

Mr. Condos promptly handles any spontaneously developing, urgent issue faced by a charter school, including personal injury, employment law and disciplinary matters. His long-term leadership addresses objectives, such as governance and operations, and bond financing.

Mr. Condos has been a lawyer since 1977, more than 20 those years in service to education law clients in Arizona, and at one point represented half the charter schools in the state. He is the first attorney to represent a charter school, and helped create the ability for charters to receive tax-exempt bond financing. He is a true pioneer in the field of charter school legal representation — and is ready to help you, and yours, starting today.

We invite you to contact The Condos Law Office to arrange an initial consultation, to discuss any facet of your charter school's formation or operations. Call 480-900-3625 or stay online to send an email message.