School Education Lawyer

Litigation can be traumatizing to any business, but when your livelihood and longevity depends on your reputation in the community, it can be even more damaging. Our lawyers will quickly assess the legal issue your charter school is confronting and determine how best to represent your interests.

Prevention of Litigation

At Condos Law Office, we work closely with you and your staff to help prevent litigation from ever arising. We can often help charter schools avoid litigation through our guidance and compliance assistance. One of Leo Condos’ first cases involving a charter school arose when a Mesa charter school contacted him after its teachers convinced the state board to send a letter of intent to revoke the school’s charter. Mr. Condos was able to work together with the state board and the state attorney general’s office to reach a consent agreement that satisfied everyone. Our advocates can assist your school through mediation or negotiations to resolve other legal issues and prevent litigation.

Litigation Representation

If your legal issue cannot be resolved through mediation or otherwise avoided, our skilled litigators can represent your interests in state and federal courts or in front of administrative bodies. We represent clients in arbitration, federal OCR investigations and due process hearings. We will craft a legal strategy that is tailored to your particular needs to defend your interests in court.

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If you are confronting a legal issue that you worry may lead to litigation, it is important to have a skilled litigator by your side. Our knowledgeable Arizona charter school lawyer will skillfully resolve the pressing legal issues that your charter school is facing. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our skilled charter school litigators.