Charter School Governance Attorney AZ

With smaller class sizes, respect for parental choice, greater independence and the ability to specialize in a variety of educational pursuits, charter schools provide great benefits to the local community. At Condos Law Office, we support the role of charter schools in the local community and we have made it our mission to provide holistic services to area charter schools. We help you navigate the complex and confusing laws that impact charter schools and their governance.

Diligent Legal Representation in a Variety of Areas

The experienced attorneys at Condos Law Office have extensive backgrounds in working with charter schools and know that you may confront laws in various areas that impact your school.Our dedicated legal staff can assist you with the following:

  • Advising you on the educational laws that must be met to keep the charter open
  • Helping the charter school develop a board
  • Explaining the duties and restrictions of charter school board members
  • Establishing bylaws for the charter school
  • Developing and reviewing school compliance with charter school law and federal tax law
  • Establishing compliant accounting practices
  • Drafting, reviewing and modifying vendor agreements and contracts
  • Training charter school board members in governance and relevant laws
  • Preparing succession planning services
  • Auditing for charter compliance

By taking advantage of our full-service offerings, you ensure that you are in trusted hands at all times.

Contact Condos Law Office for Assistance

Our Arizona charter school attorneys have extensive experience in charter school compliance and education law. Our dedicated lawyers embrace each case and develop a customized legal strategy to represent our clients’ best interests. We are available to consult with you to assess your particular situation and provide tailored recommendations for your school. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.