Charter School Law Firm AZ

As a charter school, you have many different staff members to manage, including administrators, teachers, administrative assistants and maintenance staff. As a large employer, you have various federal and state laws that you must comply with. Additionally, you must also comply with charter school law. The dedicated legal team at Condos Law Office can help you navigate this complex web of laws and regulations to ensure that you are in compliance at all times.

Full Range of Labor and Employment Services

The lawyers at Condos Law Office have experienced unrivaled success with helping charter schools flourish throughout the area. This has been possible through our attorneys’ ability to foresee potential problems and resolve complications before legal issues arise. We assist charter schools with labor and employment services, including:

  • Employee handbooks – Our lawyers’ extensive knowledge of employment and charter school law gives them the in-depth understanding to draft thorough and compliant employee handbooks. We also review existing handbooks and make modifications.
  • Discrimination complaints – We provide education and information on discrimination matters, Affirmative Action requirements, and laws that apply to your employees, such as the ADA
  • Disciplinary matters – We can walk you through requirements for disciplining employees and help guide you through the discharge of an employee when necessary.
  • Due process issues – We safeguard your interests as an employer by ensuring that you provide due process to aggrieved employees and comply with all constitutional requirements.
  • Employee complaints –Our skilled lawyers can help you respond to employee complaints regarding disability accommodations, religious discrimination complaints, FMLA non-compliance reports and other issues related to federal or state charter school laws.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can advise you on establishing a pro-employee working environment in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and litigation.

An Experienced Charter School Law Firm at Your Side

When you are confronting the unique nexus between being a large employer and complying with charter school law, it is important that you have an experienced advocate on your side. The Condos Law Office can assist you with any employment matter you confront. Contact us today to learn more.