Student Legal Services AZ

At Condos Law Office, we know that nothing is more important that the students at your charter school. We provide holistic legal services to ensure that your school protects the interests and welfare of your students at every turn. When establishing a framework for your students or tackling a specific legal issue, the dedicated attorneys at Condos Law Office have the skill and talent necessary to provide you with quality legal services.

Legal Help with Student Services

The legal team at Condos Law Office can assist you with legal services related to your students, including:

  • Guidance on student discipline matters and expulsion
  • Guidance on peer-to-peer issues such as bullying or harassment
  • Legal guidance and representation in cases involving student privacy, free speech or student searches
  • Legal advice regarding religion
  • Compliance review for all applicable federal rules, including ADA, FERPA, Title IX and §504

Special Education Services

With more than 25 years of legal services in the charter school field, Leo Condos and his team know that special education often has legal issues surrounding it. We provide training to charter schools and their staff to ensure that they understand the laws that pertain to special education services and ensure that these laws are complied with. We can discuss how to implement various recommendations in Individual Education Programs and how to remain in compliant with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. We work closely with your staff to prepare appropriate education accommodations and discipline policies to prevent litigation and to give students the supportive environment that they need to succeed.

Leo Condos as Your Advocate

The Condos Law Office has extensive experience in Arizona charter school law. As a leading charter school attorney in Arizona, Leo Condos can quickly determine what the legal implications of certain actions are and take immediate steps to protect the legal interests of your charter school. With a strong legal strategy and dedicated legal advocate on your side, you can protect the longevity of your school. Contact the Condos Law Office today to discuss your legal matter.