Schools Real Estate Attorney AZ

Charter schools have unique real estate and zoning needs, and the staff at Condos Law Office seeks to meet these needs. Whether you are trying to acquire real property for your charter school or you are confronting a challenging zoning issue, our dedicated team can provide you with solid legal advice and representation.

Assisting Charter Schools with Simple and Complex Real Estate Transactions

Our knowledgeable legal team can assist you with every aspect of your real estate transaction, including:

  • Negotiating agreements of sale and leases
  • Reviewing and advising you on loan documents
  • Performing due diligence on potential properties you are considering investing in
  • Reviewing financing documents and helping to negotiate the finance for a school or individual buildings for the school
  • Preparing requests for proposals to work with contractors and vendors
  • Running title checks and reviewing title issues
  • Assessing the quality of properties and reviewing inspection and environmental reports
  • Negotiating contracts for charter school vendors and charter school construction projects
  • Obtaining approval from governmental agencies to use acquired properties as charter schools
  • Acquiring permits for school operations
  • Assisting you in reviewing proposals from architects, general contractors and others and making a final selection
  • Selling property that is no longer needed by the charter school

Our team can also help you determine the current type of zoning that is permitted for an area that you are considering investing in and in obtaining the necessary permits to build onto your existing structures.

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If you are considering making a sizeable purchase to establish or expand your charter school, it is critical that you have competent legal representation during this transaction. Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience in charter school and real estate law and will put their knowledge to use to help you secure a favorable deal. Contact us today for guidance through your transaction.