SchoolRecently, charter schools have come under fire and their leaders are being accused of all types of misconduct and corruption. In response, legislators are cracking down on these instances and advising that new regulations be put in place to prevent these issues. Charter school administrators may need to seek the assistance of experienced charter school attorneys who are familiar with the nuances of charter school law and can craft new policies to protect the school’s interests while ensuring compliance with the latest changes in the law.

Examples of the Problem

Unfortunately, the problem with charter school corruption is not isolated to a single location and has made headlines both locally and nationally. Some examples of the reported corruption include:

  • An Arizona Republican lawmaker may earn as much as $30 million after selling a charter school chain to a non-profit company operated by his close associates
  • A Dallas charter school leader quit after local reporters found credit card statements showing charges for air travel, hotel charges, and meals made to a school-issued card
  • Ohio charter schools largely receive D or F rankingsand only two of the 22 charter schools received a B and none received an A rating
  • A Florida watchdog group reported that charter schools in the state waste taxpayer money and create conflicts of interest when for-profit charter school organizations receive millions from the state.

A Changing Landscape

Lawmakers have taken notice of these problems and have responded by passing or proposing laws to make critical changes. One of the biggest movements is passing laws that prevent for-profit organizations from running charter schools, which has been passed in some form in at least eight states.

In Arizona, Republican Arizona State Senator Kate Brophy McGee is calling on the state to provide increased oversight regarding potential conflicts of interest and instances of nepotism in Arizona charter schools. The Democratic challenger against Brophy McGee also supports tougher oversight on charter schools and accuses Republican lawmakers of lax governance over the charter schools. The Arizona Attorney general has also urged state lawmakers to pass tougher charter school laws.

Political candidates and incumbents across the country have become more vocal about their opinions regarding charter schools, calling for everything from more accountability for the online sector of charter schools, a complete bank on for-profit companies running charter schools, greater oversight of how charter school funds are being used, a set of rules to apply to all charter schools, and greater overall transparency.

Help for Charter Schools

The changing legal landscape of charter school law has many charter school organizations looking for a charter school attorney who can provide them with proper guidance and help them make any necessary changes to their policies. Condos Law Office provides charter school legal services, including answering FAQs about charter schools, crafting policies, revising policies, and representing your school in all legal matters.Contact us at (480) 464-2676 to schedule a confidential consultation to learn more about how we can help.