Whether you are trying to set up a 501c3 non-profit organization or you already have one in place, Condos Law Office can help you navigate the complex framework of operating a non-profit organization. Our core mission is to counsel you through establishing and maintaining a nonprofit organization that serves the needs of your community and achieves your values.

Start Your Non-Profit Organization on Firm Legal Footing

One of the most important tasks that the legal team at Condos Law Office has is to help non-profit organizations form in a compliant manner. Our legal professionals can help you establish your 501c3 nonprofit organization, acquire tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and ensure that you meet all state requirements to organize your nonprofit.

Establishing a nonprofit organization is a complex process that requires accurately completing various types of documentation. You cannot begin operating your nonprofit organization, fundraise or receive grant funding until your documentation is approved. You must submit paperwork to the IRS, including your 501c3 application. This paperwork must be carefully completed to ensure that your application is approved and that you receive tax exempt status.

Our skilled representation ensures that your application is approved the first time so that you can avoid delays caused by rejections and the need to resubmit information. IRS Form 1023 or Form 1024 applications to establish your 501c3 tax exempt status require an experienced hand that can accurately provide the necessary information and insight to properly complete them.

We can assist you with developing the necessary legal forms and completing necessary procedures, such as:

  • Securing your corporate name
  • Drafting your articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Preparing board meeting meetings
  • Drafting conflict of interest policies
  • Securing your federal id number
  • Preparing applications with federal and state governments to establish your tax exempt status

Depending on the type of organization you are wishing to establish, you may need to create and submit financial statements. You may need to prepare proposed detail-oriented budgets. Leo Condos’ experience in helping to establish compliant 501c3 organizations equips him with the unique skillset to help you form your own organization. He can handle the incorporation process so that you can focus your attention on networking, fundraising and building your nonprofit organization.

Ongoing Compliance Assistance and Legal Advice

At Condos Law Office, we seek to serve as your ongoing partner. We offer ongoing legal advice and assistance to help you continue to comply with all relevant statutes and regulations. We offer years of experience organizing and establishing 501c3 nonprofits and providing sound legal advice for this niche area of the law. By having a knowledgeable nonprofit organization lawyer on your side, you can ensure that you make the best decisions for the future of your organization.

Condos Law Office focuses on providing the following to nonprofit organizations:

  • Limited liability protection
  • Complete tax exempt status
  • Compliance with all state and federal regulations
  • Responsible corporate governance

We provide ongoing legal counsel and advice to ensure that your nonprofit organization can continue to serve its important mission.

Contact Leo Condos for Help with Your Nonprofit Organization

If you would like to establish your own 501c3 nonprofit organization or need legal advice on compliance or other matters, contact Leo Condos at (480) 464-2676.