Charter schools offer tremendous benefits to the community, including smaller class sizes, the promotion of parental choice, the ability to specialize and greater independence. However, the laws related to charter schools are often complex and difficult to navigate. If you operate a charter school or you are looking to develop one, it is important that you understand the regulatory framework that affect charter schools. Charter schools must comply with many laws that pertain to public schools, as well as specific laws that apply to charter schools.

Our Services

The experienced attorneys at Condos Law Office in Chandler, Arizona provide full-service legal advice and representation to charter schools at all points in their lifeline. We advise school operators and education service providers to establish new schools and helping them remain compliant as they operate.

During the establishment phase, we assist schools and key members to apply for a charter that complies with Arizona and national regulations. We also help schools obtain their nonprofit filing status and complete their incorporation documents.

Once your school has been opened, we also help with compliance matters. Our services include:

  • Board governance documents — We draft legally compliant documents that govern your board and incorporation.
  • Policy documents and corporate governance — We help establish internal policies to remain compliant with relevant federal and state laws and regulations. We assist you with charter school governance and complying with non-profit law. We also help you comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, special education, IDEA, and Section 504 law, due process hearings, and other education and privacy laws.
  • Grant applications — Our skilled lawyers review grant applications and make the necessary implementations.
  • Elections — Our team can also advise you on elections, voting rights, and ethics.
  • Agreement negotiations — Our lawyers are talented at negotiating favorable terms in various legal agreements, including lease agreements, contracts with vendors, management agreements, and many more. We draft contracts, review them, and modify them, as necessary.
  • Financing and tax — We provide bond counsel and assist with public finance and facility financing. We also secure state and federal 501(c) (3) status, assist with tax filings, and answer tax questions.
  • Real estate — As your charter school expands, you may need to procure additional property for school purposes. We can assist you with this process, prepare your purchase agreements, and handle disputes that may arise during the process.
  • Student discipline — Our lawyers have a strong knowledge base in charter school law and its intersection with student discipline. We can help respond to discipline issues and student rights.
  • Litigation — — If your charter school is being sued or you need to take legal action to protect its rights, our experienced legal team can help. We can assist with claims based on negligent hiring, civil rights, constitutional, due process, and state and federal litigation.

Assistance Handling Complex Charter School Legal Issues

Condos Law Office works with area charter schools and is one of only a handful of Arizona law firms with a significant charter school law practice. We handle many legal issues that are confronted during the life of a charter. Our legal team can assist you with the following legal matters:

  • Applying for a charter
  • Opening a charter school
  • Operating a charter school
  • Expanding a charter school
  • Challenging a denial or termination of a charter school

Legal issues can potentially arise at any point during the life of a charter school, so it is important to have competent legal counsel who is familiar with charter school laws and general education legal requirements.

Legal issues that may arise at the application phase include: budgetary issues, whether the answers on the charter application are sufficient to meet the applicable requirements, the composition of the board, ethical issues and considerations for blended charters. Mr. Condos can frame the application to meet the applicable statutory requirements and can respond to inquiries about the application.

During the operation of the school, other legal issues may manifest, including governance issues, ethical issues, and issues with students, discipline matters, employment disputes and disputes regarding special education requirements. While many of these issues may be handled through private meetings and negotiations, others involve a due process element that requires a hearing. Leo Condos can provide legal representation at hearings and advocate for the interests of your charter.

There may also be times when decisions need to be appealed. You have a limited amount of time after a decision is imposed to appeal the decision, so working closely with a skilled charter school lawyer can help ensure that you meet these deadlines.

If your charter is threatened by a termination action, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer who can fight this challenge. Mr. Condos can represent you at a full administrative hearing and fight for your right to continue the charter.

Why Choose Condos Law Office

The charter school lawyers at Condos Law Office are capable advisors who have an in-depth understanding of charter school and non-profit law. We can assist clients who are just starting up their charter or who need ongoing assistance with compliance matters and general counsel.

Our lawyers are on the cutting edge of Arizona charter school law. We capably handle cases involving training, enforcement actions, audits, appeals, nonrenewal, revocation, and other legal issues. Our team understands the needs of your school and are here to address them. We zealously represent our clients.

Contact Condos Law Office for Help with Your Charter School

If you need assistance with opening, operating or challenging a termination of a charter school, do not hesitate to reach out to the expert legal assistance you need during this pivotal time. Condos Law Office can provide you with solid legal advice and representation to protect the interests of your charter. Contact us today at (480) 464-2676 to schedule a confidential