Charter School Bond Financing Legal Services AZ

Charter schools offer a significant function in the local community and can enhance the educations of countless students. However, in order to provide these important services to students, schools must secure the necessary funding, often through the bond acquisition process. The bond process can provide a secure way to finance a school’s efforts and provide an affordable interest rate. The Condos Law Office provides legal assistance and guidance to community charter schools and charter management organizations to help them secure the bonds they need.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Charter School Bond Financing

At the Condos Law Office, our attorneys assist with every aspect of charter school board financing. We can help you tap into available capital markets to finance your opening. Our charter school bond financing uses publicly sold tax -exempt bonds to finance the expansion of your school. We can also help you make the best use of available tax credits. Through strategic planning, you can prepare for the next several phases of your school.

Why Choose the Condos Law Office?

The Condos Law Office provides more than 25 years of experience in providing legal counsel and representation to charter schools. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of charter school law and can advise you on how to structure construction contracts so that your school remains in compliance at all times. Our lawyers also have a concrete understanding of the various local and national hurdles that exist for faith-based schools to secure funding and can help you overcome them. We have assisted many charter schools with their bond process, and we are prepared to help you, too. Contact us today to learn more.