Charter School Bond Financing

Charter schools offer a significant function in the local community and can enhance the educations of countless students. However, in order to provide these important services to students, schools must secure the necessary funding, often through the bond acquisition process.

Legal Counsel for Charter Schools

Charter schools offer tremendous benefits to the community, including smaller class sizes, the promotion of parental choice, the ability to specialize and greater independence. However, the laws related to charter schools are often complex and difficult to navigate.

Legal Advice for 501c3 Nonprofit Companies

Whether you are trying to set up a 501c3 non-profit organization or you already have one in place, Condos Law Office can help you navigate the complex framework of operating a non-profit organization.

Charter School Governance

With smaller class sizes, respect for parental choice, greater independence and the ability to specialize in a variety of educational pursuits, charter schools provide great benefits to the local community.

Charter School Student Services

At Condos Law Office, we know that nothing is more important that the students at your charter school. We provide holistic legal services to ensure that your school protects the interests and welfare of your students at every turn.

Charter School Real Estate/Zoning

Charter schools have unique real estate and zoning needs, and the staff at Condos Law Office seeks to meet these needs. Whether you are trying to acquire real property for your charter school or you are confronting a challenging zoning issue.

Charter School Labor and Employment

As a charter school, you have many different staff members to manage, including administrators, teachers, administrative assistants and maintenance staff.

Charter School Litigation

Litigation can be traumatizing to any business, but when your livelihood and longevity depends on your reputation in the community, it can be even more damaging.